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Freelance Control Engineer To Do What ?

An automation engineer freelance is a professional, a self employed engineer which delivers services in automation and control to engineering companies or final users by subcontracting.

He usually has got a various professional experience.

A freelance automation engineer can offer a set of services such as designing, PLC programming (and other miscellaneous programmable systems), installing, technical writing, functional analysis of plants to control by program (such as machines, production lines etc).

He usually works with his own tools such as computer, cables, interfaces, software, electrical tools, some measurement devices and some basic mechanical tools.

Some professionals (such as Bruno) do not supply any material or devices, and neither software nor licences to their clients or to the final users, but some others do it.

According to the tasks to be executed, a freelance automation engineer can work at his office or at home (especially for programming and technical writing), or at his client's office or shop (especially for talking about functional analysis, testing and installing).

But some companies prefer their subcontractors work in their buildings for all the time of a project.

Contracting can be either a weekly or monthly contract work (according a daily fixed price), or a fixed price contract for a whole project whether robust specifications have been written about all the jobs to be executed. In all cases, billing is at least once a month.

Services In Factory Automation

This folder lists all the industrial services and the various provision of services that a self-employed automation engineer suggests, and the context in which they can be executed.

Engineering Activity As A Freelance

You will find here a short resume about the activity of a professional in factory automation, and a resume about his experience with a list including the programmable devices he has worked with.

Contact A Self Employed Automation Engineer

You can find here all you want to contact a professional, and all the legal informations (registration and so on) about him.

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