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Bruno is established as a freelance control and automation engineer since 1999, after a period of more than ten years as a control engineer employed by services companies - essentially for missions by control engineers hiring, working at the offices and sites of the clients.

Here is a short summary about the projects and the components he has installed since he is working as a self-employed : programmable logic controllers (PLC), industrial communication networking, motion control, man machine interfaces (MMI) and more.

You will also find the list of the main sectors of the industry I have worked for, and the list of some clients and final users I have pleased to work with, among the most well known.

You can also browse the list of the services in factory automation that a self-employed automation engineer can supply, especially in control, instrumentation, motion control and networking.

Programmable Logic Controllers

eWon, Schneider Electric and Telemecanique, SEW Eurodrive, Siemens, Wago, Punctual interventions, Manufacturers training.

eWon - Internet Technology Data Transmitters

The eWon PLCs are smart controllers especially designed to share data between heterogeneous industrial control systems and networks.

Schneider Electric / Telemecanique

Unity Pro, Pl7 Pro, 7 line.

Premium And UNITY PRO XL
Premium And PL7 PRO
Line 7 (TSX 47) And XTEL

SEW Eurodrive

Movi-PLC And PLC-editor


7 line, 5 line.

7 line And Step7 (S7-315)
Line 5 And Step5 : 95U, 115U.


Line 750 And Wago I/O PRO 32

Punctual Interventions

April / SMC Plc

Manufacturers training

Manufacturers Training

Communication, Networks And Fieldbuses

Phoenix-contact, Applicom.




Industrial Communication Interfaces

Motion Control, Servo-drives And Multi-Axes Control

Positioning applications

MMI - Man Machines Interfaces

Pro-Face, Schneider-electric, SEW Eurodrive, Siemens, Miscellaneous.

Schneider / Telemecanique
SEW Eurodrive
Miscellaneous - Punctual Interventions

SCADA - Supervisory Control And Data Acquisition

Experiences In programming / Installing And Starting Up
Manufacturers Training

Miscellaneous Control Systems

Manufacturers Training



Since 1999, As A Freelance

Final users or engineering companies among the well known (in France).

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