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Factory automation needs all together technical knowledge, knowledge in the related standards, knowledge about its evolution, knowledge in technological trends and economical trends and more.

Factory automation has needs too, subcontractors or automation engineers for instance.

In this directory, you will have access to various resources related to industrial automation and control, about technical matters and others.

Automation Technologies And Techniques

This folder groups sources of informations about techniques and technologies in relation to factory automation and control.

Among these pages, you will find resources such as educational papers, technical documentation and features, standards, specifications, software tools and more.

Subcontractors Involved In Factory Automation Projects

For your needs, here are informations about some subcontractors involved in factory automation, such as professional automation engineers working as self-employed, craftsmen and small-medium enterprises (SME).

Free Software And Utility Software

Introduction to the free and open source software world, with resources in free software such as office software, project management tools, numerical computation, data processing and more.

Automation Jobs

A short list of companies looking for automation engineers, with the presentation of CV introducing some automation engineers, control engineers, instrumentation engineers and technicians.

Professional Press And Industrial Fairs

This is a short list of specific and professional media (web sites, magazines) related to factory automation, instrumentation and industrial matters, with a list of industrial fairs directories and calendars.

Professional Organizations And Associations

A non exhaustive list of organizations in relation with standardization, professional organizations and industrial automation devices manufacturers association.

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