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Multi-topics, Control-commands, Instrumentation, Networking, Image processing, Robotics, Cyber-security, Manufacturers technical documentation.

Automation Groups Complex Technologies With Varying Nature

The world of industrial automation is complex. It is the point where many different technologies are meeting together, while using many specialized and very different techniques.

More, new needs and new constraints lead the manufacturers to create new solutions, and sometimes new technologies.

And more, the life time of an industrial automated application is about from five years to twenty or thirty years (following the applications taken in consideration).

Then an automation engineer must control all the obsolete techniques and all the obsolete devices in usage, in addition to the current ones.

So, it is very important for maintenance to get (and to archive) technical documentation.

This file without claim is intended for engineering teams in industrial companies, in order to be used as a basic tool and to facilitate (or to accelerate) a search for informations.

It is question above all of collecting a non exhaustive list of links to resources available on Internet, concerning by near or by far any professional in relation with industrial automation and control.

Multi-Techniques Web Sites

Each of these selected web sites shows a set of informations reporting many techniques in varied areas.

These techniques are those used in control-command, in instrumentation and in robotics, in electricity or in networking.

Control Techniques And Production Management In Factory Automation

This set of resources reporting on techniques used to control and to command automated plants in the industry lists educational papers, white papers and other technical documentation.

Instrumentation Technologies

This folder groups a selection of resources which report on measurement techniques and technologies.

Industrial Networks Technologies

Networks are more and more important in automated applications. Here are some informations about them.

Image Processing Techniques And Fundamentals

Here, you will link towards very well written papers about the concepts used in image processing and machine vision technologies.

Then, you will get knowledge in colour technology and in color processing, before being introduced to some standards (Genicam, EMVA 1288).

Robotics Techniques And Technologies

You will get here some informations about the technology, the geometry, the kinematic, the trajectories and the architectures of the industrial robots.

You will link towards sites showing trends and economical statistics, towards some research projects (the robot "SYR" for instance) and towards some international projects (SME robot).


Right now, it is essential for the industry to know how are critical the digital threats and how strategic is the digital security of its control systems.

At first, you can discover here a vulnerabilities observatory which registers detected vulnerabilities since the year 1902.

You can access its database in detail by filtering, displaying all which concerns the industry for instance, or whatever else you want.

And may be you will be discovering that your production plants are very vulnerable.

Then, there is a list of some prevention free software (anti-virus, firewalls, anti-tracking) for personal or mobile usages, and a list of some useful security utilities for networking usage (FreeRadius, Open VPN, Open SSL, NMAP).

Technical Documentation From Manufacturers

In this folder, you can access to the technical documentation of some manufacturers (Allen Bradley, Siemens or SEW Eurodrive for instance) of devices used in factory automation (programmable controllers, inverters, motion axis controllers) and in instrumentation (Krohne, National Instruments and more).

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