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Metrology, measurement techniques and signal processing.


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Concepts, Technologies, Signal processing software, Data exchange interfaces.

Instrumentation Provides The Informations To Automated Controls

Instrumentation is of prime importance for automation activities since it provides the informations needed to control a plant.

Actually, instrumentation is like the set of the senses of a human as it provides eyes, ears, feeling and even smelling to the programmable controllers through the sensors.

Instrumentation includes output devices with embedded capabilities too, such as frequency inverters or control valves for instance.

Instrumentation is a very wide area using a big amount of technologies, sometimes sophisticated enough (such as image processing or programmable controllers for instance).

According to the context, instrumentation can be operated over a well adapted instruments network.

General Informations, Fundamental Concepts

Basics, Educational papers.

Fundamental Concepts In Instrumentation  

National Intruments provides a huge collection of didactic and technical papers related to instrumentation, data acquisition, signal processing and numerous measurement technologies.

General informations.

Fundamentals in measurement, instrumentation, sensors, data acquisition.

National Instruments -

Educational Papers In Instrumentation And Measurements


Sensors technologies, Measuring, Flow measurement, Level measurement, RFID, Temperatures measurement.

Sensors Technologies  

This educational folder provided by National Instruments is a wide collection of technical resources related to sensor technology only.

Sensing And Measuring  

"Sensorland" is a resources centre dedicated to sensors, measurement and data systems.

Sensorland -

Flow Measurement Technologies

Interactive calculator tools, Ultrasonics flow measurement.

Interactive Flowmeter Calculators Tools  

"Flow meter directory" is a commercial directory dedicated to flow measurement.

This specialized web site delivers a well-stocked set of interactive calculators tools to convert physical units associated with flow measures.

For clarity, these tools are often displayed with a technical drawing, the applied formula, and the definition of the parameters.

Ultrasonic Flow Measurement For Industrial Applications  

The KROHNE company provides a very interesting didactic document about the ultrasonic technology applied to flow measurement.

Its designer tackles here the following :

Friedrich HOFMANN - -

Level Measurement And Level Gauging Technologies

Radar technology for level gauging.

Technical Basis Of The Radar Technology For Level Measurement  

In a very detailed didactic document, the Krohne company presents the radar technologies and the different method used to measure a level - continuous wave (CW) radar, pulse radar, Time Domain Reflectometry (TDR) radar and more.

Its author tackles here the following items :

Detlef BRUMBI -

RFID - Radio Frequency Identification

RFID basics, RFID technology overview, RFID technology, RFID journal, Other RFID resources.

The RFID (Radio Frequency IDentification) technology has been used for tens of years in the industry.

Nevertheless, it is told more and more in public about the RFID technology as new.

Why ? How does RFID technology work ? Is the RFID technology replacing bar codes ?

What about the news, what about the trends and what are the stakes ?

See also : Wireless communications and wireless networks

RFID Basics And Papers  


RFID Technology Overview  


RFID Technology  

AIM - Association for Automatic Identification and mobility -

The RFID Journal

Other Resources In RFID Technology  

Temperatures Measurement

Temperatures Measurement And Sensors Technologies

See also in this page : National Intruments.

Signal And Data Processing Software

Scilab, Mustig.

SciLab - Data Computing And Display Software  

"Scilab is a scientific software package for numerical computations providing a powerful open computing environment for engineering and scientific applications".

It is the direct rival of Mathlab and Mathematica in computing software, data processing and display, but it is free to use. The Scilab project is developed by INRIA.

SCILAB is composed of hundreds of mathematical function, and provides 2D and 3D graphical functions.

Among its functionalities, we can find mathematics and simulation, 2D and 3D visualization, optimization, statistics, control system design, analysis, signal processing and more.

Plus, you can benefit of many modules developed by the Scilab team and by the community.

On the official site of SCILAB

MUSTIG - Data Processing Free Software  

The MUSTIG (Multidimensional Signals Tools for Interactive and Graphics) software is a data processing software developed and published freely by the Images and Signal Laboratory (LIS) within the (french) National Scientific Research Centre (CNRS), intended to industrials, engineers, scientifics and researchers.

This system is interactive, entirely graphic, and what does its strength is its high simplicity of usage.

It allows analysing, simulating, displaying and filtering multidimensional signals and matrix.

Input signals come from dedicated input modules, disk files or "copy-paste" operations.

Data Exchange Interfaces

FDT, Pactware.

FDT - Field Devices Tools  

FDT is a standard interface to exchange data between measuring devices, communication channels and systems.

The devices manufacturer provides a "device DTM" - a file which describes the equipment - which is approximatively a software driver allowing a "FDT application" to exchange data through a communication network.

For instance, the application could be a software used to setup an instrumentation device or a software used to get diagnostic data such as Pactware.

This application must be FDT compliant to recognize the data exchanged.

The field bus manufacturer must provide a "communication DTM" which describes the protocol, the data structure and how to exchange the data.

The main advantage to use a standard interface is to let the user free to choose the devices he wants, that is measuring devices, communication interfaces and the system to use. Thus, the user is independent according to the suppliers.

PACTWARE, Instrumentation Devices Setup & Diagnostic Software  

PACTWARE is a software used to set up field measuring devices and to get diagnostic data from them.

It is manufacturer independent and FDT technology compliant, thus it can work with various devices and field networks used in instrumentation through the "device DTM" and the "communication DTM" provided by the suppliers.

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