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  5. Organisations et associations professionnelles en automatisme
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Professional organizations

Standardization | Professional organizations | Professional associations

In this page, you will find links to organizations more or less related with industrial automation: standards organizations, manufacturers and users associations, international projects and consortiums...

Standards organizations

AFNOR(In english)French standards organization
ISO(In english)International standards organization
OPC foundation(In US english)OLE Project Control foundation

Professional organizations

CTIA(In US english)International wireless communications association
E-United Robotic(In english)European federation of robotics
EMVA(In english)European Machine Vision Association
IAONA Europe(In english)Industrial Automation Open Networking Alliance
IEE(In US english)International Electrical Engineering association
IFR(In US english)International federation of robot
SME robots(In english)European project for the developement of economical robots for SME
ZigBee alliance(In US english)Association of companies for open and economic wireless communications

Professional associations

Exera(In english)Measurement, control and automation users association

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