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Professional press, Professional fairs.

The professional press specialized in the industry has set web sites reporting essentially on automation, on robotics, on instrumentation and on technologies in general.

These web sites offers many informations, technical papers, economical informations and the last news.

Some of these sites are proposing tools such as specialized search engines (dedicated to an area well defined in the industry), directories, events calendars, industrial fairs lists and many other things.

Professional Magazines In Automation And In Instrumentation

Sensorland, Read-Out, Instrumentation and control.

The "Read-Out" Instrumentation Signpost  

"Measurement, Control and Automation Resources throughout the World" by Eoin Ó Riain.

Instrumentation And Control (SAIMC)  

A lot of articles are available on this site, about various subjects and points of view (news, standards, technologies, products, applications).

Professional fairs directories

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