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Bruno regularly receives requirements from control engineers about employment, practical training and apprenticeship contracts in industrial automation and control, related with all levels of education.

From now, he proposes them to publish their demand.

Very keen, they just want to practise and work. Thank you for investigating their request and to welcome them.

And thanks to the companies looking for automation and control engineers, which informs about their needs.

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GENENTECH Company - Biotechnology  

GENENTECH is a leading company continuously growing, involved in biotechnology, based in San Francisco, California, USA.

The GENENTECH company informs us to be in need of automation engineers with Programmable Logical Controllers experience and exposure to a regulated environment (FDA, white room and more).

The posts are mainly located in the United States.

Here is the List of the posts proposed by the GENENTECH company.

Many posts are in relation with automation and instrumentation.

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