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Schneider's technical papers, Forums and groups.

Here are some sites which present informations about several topics in the same directory. That is industrial automation and control, instrumentation, data processing, communication and electrical engineering.

Technical papers (Schneider Electric / Telemecanic)

Fuzzy logic, Detection and sensors technologies, Motors and drives, Electrical engineering, Safety.

Technology Papers In Automation And In Instrumentation

The Schneider Electric company offers a lot of articles in its well known technical papers.

They concern high, middle and low voltage matters, motorization and electrical engineering.

These selected articles concern, by far or by near, the control engineers.

Fuzzy Logic  

This paper about the "fuzzy logic" introduces the theory and the basics, and how this technique can be applied to process control and to industrial control in general.

After a short historic, the authors show how interesting can be the usage of the fuzzy logic to control the production.

Then, they introduce the theory of the "fuzzy logic".

They tackle the notions of membership, of operators, of inference rules, of fuzzification / defuzzification and more.

The whole is illustrated by a didactic industrial application example.

Next, we can read considerations about the necessity and the utility by employing the fuzzy logic in the industry, which methodology to use for designing an industrial application, how to operate it and how to use it.

Finally, the authors introduce what are the technologies to take in consideration and what are the potential applications. They finish by showing a few concrete realizations in the industry.

François CHEVRIE, François GUELY -

Detection And Sensors Technologies  

This publication introduces the fundamental notions about detection.

First, the authors define the function of detection, the functionalities of the detection, and they introduce the different technologies which can be met.

Then, they detail the different kind of sensors and their technologies : inductive proximity sensors, capacitive sensors, photoelectric sensors, ultrasonic sensors, RFID detection, machine vision and image processing, optical encoders, pressure switches and vacuum switches.

Each chapter is very well illustrated, and describes one sensor with its associated technology.

Within one chapter, we can find the principles of the measurement with its equations, the different implementations of the sensor, the parameters which have influences on, and finally its application areas.

Philippe HAMPIKIAN and his team -

Motors, Drives And Inverters

Electrical Engineering  
Safety And Dependability

Industrial Engineering And Techniques Forums

Engineering tips.

You can also list dedicated forums such as automation forums for instance.

Engineering Tips  

This very dynamic forum carry engineering in general and provides some technical white papers.

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