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Allen Bradley, Cognex, eWon, Krohne, Lenze, National Instrument, Phœnix-contact, Pro-face, Schneider/Telemecanique, SEW Eurodrive, Siemens, Wago.

Most of the manufacturers of devices for industrial automation and most of the providers for factory automation and for control systems provide a technical support for the final users.

This support generally consist of technical documentation such as user manuals, installation and setup guides, programming manual.

It can consist of software, of downloadable drivers or dedicated forums too.

ALLEN-BRADLEY - Automation, Control And Communications  

Allen Bradley is a worldwide leader in automation systems and in automation devices (controllers, drives, MMI), in industrial communication networks and in electricity.

The Allen Bradley technical documentation offers all what you need.

In the folder Allen Bradley systems technical support, you can access a list of services, such as downloading drivers or software, downloading networks resources (such as instruments description files DTM, EDS or GSD for instance), downloading firmware updates, analysis tools or configuration tools.

COGNEX - Machine Vision For The Industry  

The Cognex company is the world leader in machine vision manufacturing.

The company delivers all the technical documentation for the Cognex products, and all the technical documentation for the DVT products, with various downloads such as firmwares, tools and more.

EWON - Industrial Communication Over Internet  

The eWon products allow an automation technician to send and receive industrial data easily (from programmable logic controllers, sensors, actuators, data transmitters, machines, instrumentation) over internet (servers, remote sites, mobile terminals).

The eWon communicating data transmitters are well adapted for remote maintenance applications, remote diagnostics, remote management, remote alarms, remote access and remote measuring using an internet gateway and router in association with a web MMI.

The eWon technical documentation is very rich.

You will find there the quick start guides, the user manuals (setup, script BASIC programming and web server development), installation manuals, knowledge base, application notes, and software available freely by downloading (such as eVcom to create a virtual serial port client over ethernet for the MS windows OS).

You will be able to download freely the ViewOn2 software (via the "support" tab), the eWon HTML generator (using the java technology).

You can also download eVcom (through the "support" tab), an amazing tool which lets you create a virtual client serial port. Using it, you will be able to control a remote serial port over Ethernet.

The eWon controllers provide in only one box the functions of gateways, modems, routers, WEB and FTP client / servers, virtual serial port server, expandable analogical / digital inputs and outputs, a lot of other services, and the setup and programming (script BASIC) environment and interface.

They basically embed the "Modbus TCP" protocol, the most well known field networks protocols, internet protocols (HTTP, FTP and SNMP client / server), communication channels using ethernet, serial ports, one or more modems (PSTN, ISDN, GSM, GPRS, UMTS, ADSL, WAN). According to the product, you can also connect safely using "Open VPN".

KROHNE - Instrumentation, Flowmeters and Level Measurement  

As a great specialist in industrial measurement, the KROHNE company is the world leader in flow measurement, and the third in level measurement (2010).

Its range of industrial sensors includes density sensors, pressure sensors, conductivity and temperature sensors too.

Worldwide well known, the Krohne company gives a great importance to the quality provided for its products and services, as well as in research and development to keep innovating capacities.

The technical resources centre for the sensors measurement manufactured by the Krohne company provides a lot of interesting informations.

You will get there the quick services guides, the user manuals, various conformity certificates, the technical specifications, and devices description files to exchange data through many protocols and instrumentation networks generally used to exchange data.

You will find some very interesting didactic documentation too, (.pdf file formatted, see the section "fundamentals") about some sensors technologies (the document which explains the fundamentals of radar technology for level gauging or the document which presents the fundamentals of ultrasonics flow measurement for industrial applications for instance).

The Krohne products are all compatible with the FDT technology and with the DTM technology, and they are all compatible with the PACTWARE configuration and diagnostic software.

LENZE - Servo-Drives And Motors  

The Lenze company is specialized in motors, drives, inverters, reducers and gears manufacturing.

Its on-line support provides all the technical documentation related to the Lenze inverters and drives and the others systems of the manufacturer for installing, configuring and programming.

NATIONAL INSTRUMENTS - Instrumentation And Control.  

National Instruments is a leading manufacturer in the world concerning instrumentation and automation, both for the hardware and the software points of view.

In the National Instruments technical support, you can access a very big set of technical informations about instrumentation, signal processing, measurement technologies, plus the manuals of the own products of the company.

You will find there products manuals, a knowledge data base, tutorials, technical forums, updates and samples of codes to download.

PHOENIX-CONTACT - Automation And Industrial Networks.  

Phoenix contact is an important company in the area of connection devices and interfaces, and in the area of industrial networks.

By browsing the Phoenix contact technical support services, ( ) you will catch the documentation for all the products manufactured by the company, free libraries of functions to download for PC WORKX (the framework needs to develop programs for its PLC), and firmwares to update the controllers.

PRO-FACE - HMI - Human Machine Interfaces  

The Pro-face company is specialized in Man Machine Interfaces (MMI).

The online support delivers all the documentation and manuals for its products, with many downloads such as drivers, electrical drawings and software to try.

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Schneider Electric is a major company in the world of automation.

The company provides systems in the areas of automation and electricity.

The technical services it serves is prolific for all its trademarks (Schneider Electric, Modicon, Telemecanic and so on).

In the Schneider Electric / Modicon technical documentation, you will find detailed technical data bases, the user manuals, the installing and programming manuals for the current products ( Schneider, Modicon, Telemecanique and all the other trademarks owned by the the Schneider company ).

You will also find technical mauals for the former range of PLC, the TSX line 7 (TSX 17, TSX 47, TSX 87 controllers), for the Uni Telway networks, for the former range of MMI (XBTA, XBTK, XBTC, CCX 17), for the former development environments (XTEL, XBTL 900, XBTL 1000, Monitor 77, Monitor PRO, Orphee) and for former inverters of the Altivar range ( see the "product range A-Z" list ).

The company offers a very big piece of knowledge too, by publishing its Schneider Electric technical papers freely.

The Schneider Electric company provides also many technical papers on the Modbus Networks (as it was created by the Modicon company, now part of Schneider Electric).

SEW Eurodrive - Servo-Motors, Inverters And Motion Control  

SEW is a specialist manufacturing motors and frequency inverters.

He also provides programmable logic controllers and industrial networks solutions.

The SEW Eurodrive technical documentation serves the installation manuals, the programming manuals and the drivers for the speed drives, for the motion control devices and for the automation devices it currently builds (Movi-PLC, MoviAxis, MoviDrive, HMI Builder).

All the documents are available in many languages, particularly in german, in british and in french.

You can also get freely many files :

SIEMENS Automation And Drives  

The Siemens company is a world leader in manufacturing automation devices, control systems, industrial networks, electricity equipments and instruments.

The size of its technical support equals the size of this industrial group.

In the Siemens automation and drives technical support, you will get :

Then, if you are coming up against a problem, you can submit it on the technical forum or to one Siemens expert engineer.

The Siemens company has published a security patch for WinCC to prevent against the Stuxnet virus, with systems tests tools and operating systems updates.

WAGO - Automation, Communication And Connection Devices.  

Wago is one of the first leader of connection devices and of hardware interfaces in the world.

He provides high performances solutions in automation and in control systems too.

The user support for the Wago automation equipments serves all the documentation related to its systems.

You can also get further documents (on the environments of development Codesys and Codesys 3 for instance), application notes, or download software.

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