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Control and control loops, S88 and S95, Software, Forums, Tools.

Automating A Plant Is Controlling It To Well Command It

The goal of automating is to command actuators (motors, valves, jacks) in function of a desired state and in function of the evolution of the system by using control techniques like PID control or other control loop techniques using at least one feedback signal.

At a higher level, automating refers to controlling efficiently and economically how the production operates, taking in account the needs of the production management. Tools like S88 and S95 help to do it.

PID Control And Control Loops

Advanced control.

Introduction To Advanced Control  

This folder is a non technical point of view on the today control engineering techniques.

It lists and introduces to all the available control techniques, and describes the state of the current research and what are the future trends.

Mark J. WILLIS and Ming T. THAM

S88 - Batch Processes / S95 - MES

S88 resources, S88, S95 and XML, S88 and S95 standards, S88 - Miscellaneous.

S88 And S95 As Manufacturing Tools And Methods

S88 and S95 are standard methods intended to manage and to control batch processes and the production in general.

CCG - Consultant In Industrial Information Systems  

Consultant in industrial information systems at "CCG Control Chain Group (formerly "Psynapses"), Jean VIEILLE is a member of ISA.

His group acts as specialist and expert in manufacturing for control systems integration (SP95) and for batch control (SP88), and other manufacturing methods (6sigma and more).

Jean VIEILLE publishes articles and conferences supports covering industrial information systems, particularly SP88 and SP95 standards. (The proposed file formats are generally both .ppt and .doc).

More than S88 and S95, a wide range of subjects in industrial and manufacturing process are available : the performances in industry, the manufacturing architecture models, the MES - Manufacturing Execution Systems and the B2M - Business to Machine, the reporting and more.

Last but not least, you will find some notes about manufacturing news and about trends in the technology, and some links to manufacturing management.

XML Implementations Of The S88 And S95 Standards  


Introduction To S88 And S95 Standards

Others Resources In S88  

Automation Software


PROVIEW, An Open Source PLC, HMI and SCADA Control System  

Proview is an open source process control software package. This professional, complete, economical and free control system is intended especially to factory automation and to process control.

It allows to develop and to run standalone or embedded programmable logic controller (PLC) applications, operator interfaces (MMI) applications, supervisory process control (SCADA) applications and real time data base applications, on any PC based computer.

Automation applications run in operating system like Linux, or in any other open source operating system, over different hardware platforms : Intel, ARM, power PC, "Raspberry PI" or Arduino for instance.

Automation Forums, Automation direct, Mr PLC. - THE Reference In Industrial Automation And Control is a "senior" and dynamic forum, initiated by the Modicon company.

There, you can talk about automated applications, automation, communication, designing, languages, motion, control, news, PLCs, process control, sensors, software, industrial networking and business.

You will also find topics such as resources, documentation, embedded programmable logic controllers, Linux PLCs or Open Control and more (look at the "Topics" menu).

Automation Direct - About Automation In General  

You will discuss there about automated applications in general, communications, operator interfaces, AC drives, stepper and servo applications, testing.

Mr PLC - Only PLCs, But Almost All  

Here, you only will discuss about PLCs.

You will find a lot of trade marks : Allen Bradley, Omron, Mitsubishi, Modicon, Siemens and more.

See also engineering tips, which serves an automation forum too. More, it serves other forums talking about industrial areas such as engineering methods, manufacturing, electricity, electronics, chemical, automotive, aeronautics and more.

Tools For Automation And Control Design

PLC interfaces, SFCedit (Grafcet editor), The automation engineer's "Swiss Knife".

PLC Communications Interfaces Explained  

This automation engineer presents here all a folder dedicated to the most used connections and cables need to interface data.

The author describes the connectors and explains the basic knowledge to get for each interface, with many illustrations.

First, he presents the different types of cables and interfaces, such as RS232 cables (pin assignment, DB9, DB25, null modem and more), modular cables (especially the RJ45 connector), parallel cables (printer style) and PLC cables (Unitronics, Omron, Siemens and more others).

In the general interfacing section, Lammert BIES details the specifications and the protocol of some standard interfaces (serial RS232 and RS 485, USB interfaces for instance).

Then he explains how to compute the cyclic redundancy check (CRC) value for a set of data, with an online calculator and a presentation of the different savours of the CRC (CRC 16, CRC 32 and more).

Finally, he remembers the ASCII table.

Other sections describe the UART interface (universal asynchronous receiver transmitter interface), the RS 232 standard and the RS232 flow control (with the handshaking process), all USB connectors, how does an USB / RS 232 converter work, the USB cable length.

In the software section, this engineer provides a library of functions to compute the CRC.

Lammert BIES - Professional in automation and control -

SFCedit - A Grafcet Editor  

SFCedit is a grafcet editor (a graphical editor to illustrate how a sequence is structured) useful to document your automation projects.

Stéphane DI MEGLIO - Self employed automation engineer -

The Swiss Knife Of The Perfect Control Engineer  

This automation toolbox is a set of useful informations such a coding tables and connections drawings, with some little useful software.

ISARTEC Company - Provider In Automation Services -

You can also read informations about software offering control capabilities such as Scilab, or about signal processing software like Mustig.

You can get informations about some ethernet utility software or about some security utilities too.

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