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  5. Robotique et contrôle d'axes - Concepts de base, technologies, tendances économiques
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Industrial Robotics and Motion Control

Basics | Technologies | Economics | International projects | Relax


Here you will find some informations about robotics in the industry: basics in industrial robotics, robotic technologies, economic informations and trends in industrial robotics, international initiatives or projects in developing robots for the industry......

Basics in Industrial Robotics

Introduction to Robotics (PDF) Trajectory generation and robot programming
Spatial descriptions and transformations, robot kinematics, trajectory generation, robot programming languages...

Industrial Robotic Technologies and Architecture

Parallel Robotic


Parallel Robotic Technology

"The ultimate information center on parallel mechanisms - Stewart platforms, parallel kinematic machines..."

Ilian BONEV and Luc Rolland

Economics, Statistics, Trends... in the Robotic World

IFR | Robotics trends


The purpose of the International Federation of Robotics is to promote research, development, use and international co-operation in the entire field of robotics to act as a focal point for organisations and governmental representatives in activities related to robotics.

Especially, the association delivers informations about the economic trends and statistics in industrial robotics worldwide for the previous years.

You can also download an interesting document about the history of the industrial robots ((PDF)).

International Projects in Robotics

"SMErobot is an Integrated Project within the 6th Framework Programme of the EC to create a new family of SME-suitable robots and to exploit its potentials for competitive SME manufacturing."


As far as this rubric is not finished, you can visit the site of
the american society for the prevention of crualty to robots! (ASPCR)(In US english)

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