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  5. Concepts fondamentaux en communication et réseaux industriels
< Industrial networks - Basics, protocols, ethernet, field buses, control buses Industrial networking protocols - OPC and DNP3. You are here: Home > Resources > For control engineers > Communications > Concepts

Concepts and generalities about communications

About communications in general | Introduction to industrial networks

In this rubric you will find links to basic knowledge about communications networks and an introduction to industrial networking: basics, concepts and generalitites about the networks, the protocols, the interfaces, the ISO layers...

About communication in general

Computer and communication | Lantronix networking tutorial


"These pages have focused on Computers and Communications since December 1993. This index site is unlike the various general index sites [...] in that it is focused on a specific theme - computers and communications."


"Lantronix offers informative tutorials to provide a solid foundation of basic networking protocols and techniques. Topics cover a wide range of networking technology issues including speed, remote management, wireless networking, reliability and the security of networked devices."

Introduction to industrial networking

IAONA Europe | EIN | | Romilly Bowden

Industrial Automation Open Networking Alliance

"About As-I, Bitbus, Devicenet, Interbus, Profibus, FIP..."


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