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Fundamental know how in digital networks.

Basic networking

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  Industrial digital networks

Communication network protocols  


Basic knowledge in communication networks and basics in industrial networking.

Many Technologies Evolving Continuously

There are many technologies and many solutions of communication techniques to exchange data between the machines and between the devices by using networks.

The complexity of networking leads to take in consideration different level or different points of view. ISO layers help to get some clarification about, by isolating different well identified functionalities.

The first part of this folder is a selection of general informations, of technical papers and educational papers related to the digital networks. They all concern the fundamental knowledge in digital communications need to exchange data (protocols, standards, hardware and more).

The second part is related with the specific features of the industrial networks used in factory automation and in process control. It introduces the main guidelines we can meet in most of the industrial networks solutions.

Basics In Communication Networks

Computer and communication, Networking tutorial.

Computer And Communication Standards Directory  

This directory lists all which concern computing and communication in general (it is not industry oriented).

It concerns the transmission media, the networks (essentially Ethernet based), the programming languages, the peripherals, the interfaces and the operating systems.

The standards resources you will get are in relation with digital networking, communication protocols (NTP Network Time Protocol), media (ADSL, fibre channel), networks (Ethernet, IEEE 1394), internet standards (HTML, javascript).

There are a lot of links reporting on Ethernet (protocols, ports etc) and even graphical standards such as OpenGL (Open Graphic Library).

Computer and communication -

Networking Tutorials  

"Lantronix" provides detailed technical tutorials helping to get a solid knowledge in fundamental networking.

Their purposes cover a wide range of technologies, including speed performances, remote management, devices, global functions, servers, wireless networking and security.

Introduction To Industrial Networking

EIN, Field network for process control.

Ethernet Industrial Networking Technical Articles  

You will find here some interesting technical articles related to industrial networking in general and to specific industrial networks in particular.

You will find informations about protocols, security, connectivity, standards, time synchronization and many more.

The networks it is talked are Ethernet in the industry, real time wireless local area network, profibus, Ethernet IP, wireless HART, Ethernet Powerlink and so on.


Introduction to Field buses for Process Control  

This introduction is a good synthesis reporting on factory automation and process automation fieldbus, with a short field bus history.

In the first part, Jonas BERGE (ISA) presents what are the digital networks and how specific are its industrial applications.

The second part covers different applications areas of automation networking, such as factory automation, process automation, field and host level.

The evolution of control architecture section talked about PLC architecture (distributed, centralized, field control system), the fundamental differences between some field networks

Petru Maior university -

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